Scribblings about looking for a new job

I read a lot about people who can’t find work and initially I was sceptical about it.  This Girl Scribbles Life has been working for the same company since she was a teenager so I feel I really forgot what it was like to have to look for a job.

Well, I didn’t have to look for a job but I felt it was time for a change.  Not a problem, so I thought.  What an eye-opener though.  First of all, there aren’t as many jobs out there are people would like to think.  I have read a lot on social media and in the mainstream media about people who don’t have a job just “don’t want to work”.  That may be true for a few of them but I think, unless you’re actively looking for a job, you don’t know how difficult it is.

There was a certain anxiety for me regarding looking for a job.  Being in full time work anyway did help that but I also wanted to find a new job fairly quickly.  Being in work made me a little complacent so I set myself a target.  I even considered resigning from the post I was in to give myself a kick up the backside and to “make me” find a new job but I realised, in the end, that it could go disastrously wrong if I didn’t find a new job by the time I was due to leave the one I was in.

I spent hours trawling through job websites, looking through the newspaper, even visiting the job centre but if there isn’t a job, there isn’t a job – I couldn’t magic one up.  I started to get frustrated about not getting a new job.  I even got anxious.  Why couldn’t I find another job?!

In the end, to prevent any more worries, I spoke to my employer, we worked out why I wanted to leave and resolved some issues.  So there I stayed.  I’m still not 100% sure I want to remain where I am but, at the moment, I wouldn’t want to put myself through the job hunt again.

I have renewed respect for people desperately hunting for a job, it’s difficult, it’s frustrating and can cause a lot of anxiety and that’s coming from someone who had a full time job while looking.


Scribblings about what other people are going through

This Girl Scribbles Life was on a bus yesterday and I looked out the window.  I saw a guy, dressed nicely (warmly!) and smiling and chatting away.  He was holding hands with his girlfriend (I presume) and when I looked at her the first thing I thought was what a sour-faced woman she is.  Then I started to feel sorry for the guy thinking about him having to put up with such a woman.

Then I stopped myself.  Yes, the woman was very sour-faced and pale.  She was a bit stiff when she was walking.  It was wrong of me to assume things though.  I realised that he was holding her hand for a reason.  It might just be because he loves her.  It might also be because he loves her and he was helping her out, giving her someone to hold on to as she took her first steps following a major event in life, maybe a serious illness or a bereavement or anything huge.  It might have been exceptionally difficult for that woman to leave the house yesterday and that guy was the difference between her staying in the same place or taking a big step into moving on.

It is, of course, pure speculation and I realised that as the bus moved away but I might have also hit the nail on the head.  I don’t know what that woman has been through and if I had suffered a major illness or bereavement and was having difficulty getting back to normal I know that I would think that everyone was looking at me and judging.  That’s what people do.  To have someone to be there to help you is awesome.

Maybe while we’re thinking about how sour-faced that woman is, we can also think about why she might seem that way and hope that if that ever happens to us we’ll have someone to support us through it.

Scribblings about Boxing Day sales

Girl Scribbles Life has been out and about.  GSL thinks that sales are on most of the year now so what is the big fuss?

Well, this GSL is none the wiser.

First of all GSL read in the news that people were queuing from 3am on Boxing Day morning waiting for the sales to open.  This GSL finds that a little bit strange.  First of all, didn’t that impact on Christmas Day? Would people who want to be standing outside shops at that time have to be up even earlier, therefore having to be in bed early on Christmas Night.  Very early.  Well, this GSL would because a couple of hours sleep wouldn’t have helped me much after a busy Christmas Day, especially if I was then having to stand in a queue for 4 hours before any shops even opened.

GSL got the shops several hours after they opened and the first thing observed was the sense of madness around the shops.  It is almost if bargains must be bought! It’s an insanity, as if leaving the sales without buying anything considered a bargain is a failure.

Is it a failure? This GSL thinks not.  If you go home with nothing it means you haven’t spent any money, that’s the success in my book.

The trouble is, as this GSL sees it, there are sales all year round now so the Boxing Day sales are not the thing that they used to be.  Yes, you might get a bargain (if adding to what you’ve already spent over the Christmas period can be considered a bargain) but are you just buying it for the sake of buying it because it’s in the sale?

All I could really see about this wander around the sales was other people wandering around, looking disappointed.  This GSL has noticed in years gone by, people returning from the sales laden with bags but this was something I didn’t notice as much this year.  Is that because there was less on offer? Or because people have less to spend.

Fear not.  There’s still the January sales to come.  Then probably another in February and then in March/April we’ll get the spring sales, followed by the summer sales and so on…

The sales – the just ain’t what they used to be.

Scribblings about being alone at Christmas

Girl Scribbles Life wrote the last post on friends which is quite fitting because this post is about friends playing a big part in people’s lives at this time of year, the Christmas period.  Or holiday period, whatever you choose to call it.

GSL has noted, through reading various social media outlets, that many people have spent Christmas Day alone.  Some of these people appear to have chosen to spend the day that way because they simply don’t celebrate Christmas or any other variation of the holiday and therefore decide to spend the day to themselves.

Yet other people don’t appear to have chosen to spend Christmas alone and that tugs at GSL’s heart strings.  People end up alone for various reasons, there isn’t a point in trying to list them all because it’s a long list and people can add to it all the time.  The fact is though, they end up alone and they don’t want to be.

GSL has had a look through social media and noticed that many people who spend Christmas alone find places like Twitter and Facebook hard to cope with, yet they are sanctuaries throughout the rest of the year.  It’s true that at times like Christmas, social media tends to turn into a place where people look like they are competing to see who has had the best time, got the best presents, ate the most food, drank the most wine.  People aren’t competing, they are simply commenting and doing exactly what social media asks – sharing.  Though, to people spending the day alone who don’t particularly want to be alone,  it can become intolerable because it seems like everyone is having a ‘good time’.

While throughout the rest of the year social media, particularly Twitter, can be a sanctuary for some because it connects them to other people, the Christmas period can be difficult and GSL noted that too often this year.  It made this GSL spend some time during Christmas Day checking in with people who she thought might be alone, or might just need to hear from a friend.  Most said they were OK, that they’d watched DVD’s, phoned takeaway and weren’t particularly bothered that it was ‘just another day’.

However, that was not true of all.  GSL noted that at least one person could have done with some company.  Not a pile of presents and a slap up meal – just simply company. 

This GSL has vowed that next Christmas time she will place more emphasis on making sure anyone who is spending it alone is doing so because they want to.  She’ll also be making sure that anyone who doesn’t want to spend it alone has some company.  It’s a very small thing that everyone can do.

Scribblings about friends

What happens to friends? This is something Girl Scribbles Life has been thinking about of late.  Not because we’re feeling lonely or upset but just thinking about the way life goes.

When you’re seven or eight years old you pretty much think that the friends you have then are the friends you are going to have forever and ever.  It doesn’t seem plausible that those friends would leave and move on.

Yet it does happen.  You finish primary school and high school beckons.  For a start, not everyone heads off to the same high school.  Then, at high school there’s all these other kids from schools around the area and all of a sudden there’s new friends to be made.

Friends from primary might be kept, it’s nice that they do but often the new friendships take over and sometimes these are the friendships that are marked out for life, but again, often not.

The end of high school takes everyone off on different paths again.  By that age you already understand that people will go in different directions.  You don’t want it to, you want everything to stay the same forever because change is difficult but you’ve been through it before and survived and that will be true again.

Off to college, university, work.  People go off in all different directions.  Sometimes people take a year out and head off traveling.  Basically there are all different directions that people are going.  Some friendships will survive, others will not.

Girl Scribbles Life is only really friends with one person from high school but they are also a person who they were friends with in primary school as well.  When GSL ponders over other friends it’s noticeable that they have mostly been made since leaving high school and moving on into the working world.

It’s all part of life though and it’s often an exciting part.  Sometimes you outgrow friends, you look at them one day and think that your lives have just gone off in different directions.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It might be that they’ve decided to have a family and settle down while you want to make more of a career and if the family happens, it happens (or vice versa).  It means that your priorities in life change and the friendships that you seek change as well.

The important thing is to take each friendship that you have in life and cherish it.  Learn from it and remember it.  GSL has many fond memories of friendships gone by.  TV programmes watched, games shared.  Nights out shared, secrets and heartache.  Friends past and present help to shape your life and so whether that person is currently part of your life or not, it’s just important that they were.